1. Use our official resource pack
    It’s great and very suitable for medieval fantasy.
  2. Decide on a trait for your character
    Are you Human? Elf? Dwarf? etc.
  3. Get a suitable medieval fantasy skin for that race
    A good skin improves the role playing experience for everyone.
  4. Read the rules
    Knowing the rules is a good idea even though they mostly are common sense.
  5. Join a faction on the server
    The gameplay is quite faction centric. You should really join one. It’s fun.
  6. Emerge into the RP universe and shape your destiny :)
    What is your profession? What is your characters goal in life?


Chat Colors

We have a really good custom chat system.
Learn more about MassiveChat here


Some commands in a console window

There are in-game commands that control every aspect of your player and world.
Learn about Commands here



We at MassiveCraft are the main developers of the plugin Factions. This plugin allows our players to create factions/guilds. The factions can claim territory that will be protected from non-members. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others.
Learn more about Factions here

Lock your chests


You can lock chests, doors, and other valuable blocks using LWC.
Learn more about LWC here

Build Portals

Creative Gates

Premium members here on MassiveCraft can use our CreativeGates plugin. This plugin allows you to easily build portals.
Learn more about CreativeGates here

Wear Hats


Premium members here on MassiveCraft can use our MassiveHat plugin. With this plugin you can wear any block as a hat.
Learn more about MassiveHat here

Money and Commerce


You can trade with other players or purchase goods from chest shops using our ingame currency. Why not open your own store and get rich?
Learn more about MassiveMoney here



Premium members here on MassiveCraft can build and use cannons.

Huge Backpack and Portable Workbench


Premium members can reach their huge backpack (54 slots of extra inventory) and portable workbench at any time using the commands /bp and /wb.

Keep Items and XP on Death


Premium members keep items and xp on death under certain circumstances. Backpack, armor and xp level is always kept on death. Inventory items and xp progress towards next level is also kept unless you attacked someone within 30 seconds of your death.

CraftBook Mechanics

Sit in chairs

We have enabled the following CraftBook Mechanics on MassiveCraft:

Custom Recipes

Custom Recipes

All standard recipes work on MassiveCraft. We have however added in a few custom recipes that work on MassiveCraft only.
Learn more about Custom Recipes here

More Player Models


MassiveCraft supports the client side mod More Player Models.
Learn more about More Player Models here

PorteCoulissante (Redstone Gates)


With just a few fences and some redstone dust, you can turn this nice-looking gate into a fully-working porcullis!
Learn more about PorteCoulissante (Redstone Gates) here

Changed Game Mechanics

  • All armor types have the durability of diamond x3. Leather, Iron, Gold and Diamond armor all have the same durability and that durability is three times as high as standard diamond armor durability. This way PVP battles last longer and becomes more exciting.
  • Players and mobs sometimes drop their head on death. The probability for players is 5%. The probability for mobs is 0.5%.
  • Ender Pearl usage has 15 seconds cooldown. You must wait 15 seconds between throwing Ender Pearls.
  • Explosions are disabled. TNT and Creeper explosions will damage players and animals but not blocks.
  • Fire won’t spread. This means you can safely craft a fireplace in your wooden house and that you don’t need to fear wildfires.
  • Compasses always point north. In vanilla minecraft the compasses point to the world spawn point or your home bed. Since our goal is survival realism we made the compass point north all the time on MassiveCraft.
  • Endermen won’t move blocks. They usually do but on MassiveCraft they neither pick up nor place anything.
  • Some blocks are dropped instead of destroyed. If you destroy a glowstone, bookshelf, dead bush or spiderweb on this server the block itself will drop as opposed to default minecraft behavior.

Voice Chat

We use the latest version of TeamSpeak for voice chat on this server. Many players use this application for many purposes such as coordinating faction activities, meeting new friends and more! Voice makes a big difference when exploring new continents.