Become Premium

By becomming a premium member you support the development of MassiveCraft. The donations are managed by the server owner “Cayorion” who is not associated with Mojang. The donations are for example spent on hardware costs, advertisements, software licenses and software development.

The system is completely automatic. You usually become premium within minutes after your payment.

Subscribe for 6€ monthly

Donate 3 months for 18€


As a premium member you get special powers. They may be changed at any time but are always awesome. The special powers are currently:

  • Golden name in chat and above player head
  • Premium badge ✸ in chat and above player head
  • Make your name gray to yourself in chat using /sc
  • Pets using the /pet command
  • Set item lore using the /lore command
  • Decapitate players (10% chance) and mobs (1% chance)
  • Wear any block as a hat
  • Create undead horses
  • Join servers even if they are full
  • Forum banner and golden name
  • Forum review and support priority
  • Forum signature

Color and Badge – Above Head


Just as how a lord proudly dons his family crest, or a valiant warrior raising her clan’s banner above her head, our premium members have the opportunity to bear gold colored names and a star badge above their head ingame! The purpose of this premium feature is to grant our premium members a coat of arms that symbolizes their pride and support for MassiveCraft and its community. Not only does it look attractive, but it makes you stand out of the crowd! Staff members will prioritize helping you and answering your questions. We at MassiveCraft work tirelessly to ensure you a unique and unforgettable experience, and it is truly the love we get from our premium members that keeps us going!

Color and Badge – In Chat


Seeking to enlist new soldiers to bolster your ranks through Recruitment Chat? Or perhaps you are a weary miner looking to sell your haul of precious ores from your latest expedition through Trade Chat? Your messages can be easily lost in the sea of others’ chat messages, thus making it harder for you to gain what you seek! The solution? Premium members gain exclusive access to gold colored names and a star badge in chat! Not only will your username and messages stand out, it also signifies prestige and your commitment to supporting MassiveCraft.

Emote Sound and Particle Effects


Having difficulty expressing your feelings? Words alone can be insufficient at times. As a premium member, you have access to over 50 emotes! Each emote has its own unique combination of sound and particle effects, and can express a vast spectrum of emotions for your character. Are you suffering from a deadly plague spread by rats? Type “e: %wheezes uncontrollably.” Did someone at the tavern say something ridiculously stupid? Express your lack of amusement with “e: %huh”. Emotes can add exceptional spice to your roleplay experience here in MassiveCraft! Read all about this feature in the MassiveChat emote documentation.

Smoke Trail


Premium members can use smoke/particle trails using the /trail command! Read all about this feature in the SmokeTrail documentation.

Unique Personal Pets


Whether you are strolling through our capital city or adventuring in the wilderness, it can be lonely in the expansive world of MassiveCraft. Premium members are granted the ability to choose a unique, personal pet to walk by their side. Choose a story for your pet! Name it! Not only will your pet listen to your drunken ramblings, your loyal companion is invulnerable to all sources of damage. An adorable lamb, a vicious Enderman, or a trustworthy villager apprentice… the choice is yours! Type “/pet” to learn more!

Custom Item Lore


As a master blacksmith, engrave your initials into your finest crafted swords. Or as a baker recognized by the state, sear your bakery’s emblem into the bread itself to let your customers know you use only the finest ingredients. As a premium member, you are able to add custom golden lore to any item using the /lore command. This command has no cooldown and can be used as often as you please. Mark your special gifts with customized lore to let your friends know you truly care! The possibilities in roleplay are endless!



Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies that dare march towards your keep! Bring shame to the rival king by securing his son’s head! Adorn beaten roads, ravaged villages, and castle walls with the heads of felled enemies to warn foolish passersby to not meddle with your affairs. Collect the heads of wanted criminals to secure your reputation as a skilled bounty hunter! A premium member has a 10% chance to decapitate a player, in which case that player’s head will be dropped (1% chance for mobs).

Wear any block as a hat


Have you ever felt that urge to plop a watermelon on your head? Or perhaps a dropper or dispenser block for one of those crazy parties? With premium, you can! Premium members can wear any block as a hat. Experiment with them all! They can look awesome, complement your skin, and even look downright silly. There are certain voting rewards that are designed for this feature. Incorporate MassiveHats into your role-play, and let the server know immediately that you support the server! To equip a block, just drag onto the head armor slot as if a regular helmet.

Create Undead Horses


Even the most devout defenders of humanity have fallen to darkness. And despite this betrayal, these defenders’ fallen steeds loyally follow their masters into the abyss. Have you chosen this path? Then ride into the night with your loyal undead steed! As a premium member, you are able to create undead horses by performing an ancient ritual. Right click a horse that you have tamed while holding a golden sword. The horse will then become a skeleton if it’s night, or a zombie if it’s day. These incredible steeds’ loyalty is matched only by their speed! Ride on!

Join full Server

As a premium member you can join the servers in our network even if they are full. Since the MassiveCraft server network is very powerful the servers very seldom get full – but when they do you can rest assure you will be able to play anyways.

Forum Benefits


Premium members get golden names on our forums as well. They also get a premium banner below their avatar, access to the forum signature system and they may create social group sub forums. As a premium member you will always get review and support priority on our forums. This does for example mean we will prioritize answering your questions and approve your roleplay character applications.

EULA Compliance

We take pride in being a fully EULA compliant server. Our premium features have been carefully designed to be enjoyable yet not balance tipping as requested by Mojang in these blog posts:


You don’t actually buy anything from MassiveCraft by donating. Being a premium member is a Privilege and not a Right. You must still follow our rules and can be banned if you don’t (just like regular players). Server moderators have no obligation to help you or answer your questions (/ticket). Just like you, we do this for fun. That being said, server moderators are friendly and we help out as often we can. By Donating to MassiveCraft you automatically accept that your payment is a donation, and that you will be unable to charge back for a refund should you find our rewards unsatisfactory. We endeavor to fully inform everyone of the perks contained within premium.

How to Unsubscribe

We do not offer refunds. Unsubscribing is however entirely possible and you can do this yourself at any time. Just log on to PayPal and cancel your subscription from there. You need neither help nor approval from the MassiveCraft team to unsubscribe.