Common sense is our main driving factor in the rules

In general lines, respect each other and do not run around ruining the atmosphere for others just so you can have fun. Below you can find more in-depth explanations of the main rules. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member.

Follow the rules

follow-the-rules The rules are there to be of help to you as a player. If you have a question please feel free to ask the staff and they can clarify it for you. To ask the staff, use the ticket system by doing /t create *your question*. Do not waste staff members time on trivial things that you can find the answer to yourself.

Be patient with the staff

patience Behave well towards staff members. Be patient and respect their decisions. Don’t backseat moderate and don’t attempt to bribe a staff member. Raiding staff because they are staff is not allowed.

Do not disrupt roleplay


  • This server is a roleplay server. We do not force roleplay onto people, but we do however enforce the roleplay universe.
  • Do not purposely interrupt roleplay or get in the way of people trying to roleplay.
  • Do not misuse More Player Models. There are rules on the forum on what is allowed and not.

Use a medieval skin


We encourage you to get a medieval skin. Do not use skins that are offensive like naked skins. If your skin is found offensive you may be asked to change it or be faced with permanent jail time until you change it.

Adhere to a medieval build style

medieval-build-style We will not allow you to build sunroofs, futuristic, floating buildings or anything that is seen as uglifying the world. Don’t use flags or symbols from the real world, make up new fictitious ones. The staff have the right to tear down anything that does not fit the medieval roleplay universe.

Do not use nicknames to troll


  • Do not abuse the nicknames. This includes using a nickname that is offensive, racist, sexist, trolling, cruel or inappropriate.
  • Do not use the nick names to impersonate other players without their knowledge.
  • Do not use the nick names to impersonate a staff member, this is not allowed. Abusing this is punishable.

Adhere to the Raid & War Rules


  • Read for the full explanation of the Raid & War Rules: Raid & War Rules
  • Raiding is allowed on the server, if you are being raided and wish for it to stop, you can always surrender and pay the tribute.
  • You may only raid a faction once every week for up to two hours (seven days) unless you have an approved War Declaration on the forums.
  • The raiders must have the surrender terms ready if the victims call for surrender terms.
  • The raiders cannot change the surrender terms in their favor after they have first been stated.
  • Remember to be civil and show some empathy and understanding.
  • Do not use alternate accounts to gain entry to another faction for information, portal codes, to open doors or any other raid agenda based action.
  • Do not attack staff members on staff duty.
  • When a staff turns up at a raid and calls for a stop do not continue to kill people. It means the staff is there on a ticket and that there is a “Don’t fire” during the ticket. When the ticket is done you may resume previous activities.
  • Camping outside the world spawns not allowing people to leave in peace is not allowed.

Report complaints on the forums

complaints_on_the_forums If you have a report or a complaint about a player or staff don’t broadcast it in general chat. There are forums exactly for these things, use them and don’t accuse people ingame.

Do not spam or abuse the ticket system


  • Tickets is a way of asking the server staff for assistance or help. Spamming your ticket update is not allowed. Be patient and wait for a staff to answer your ticket, they will do so asap.
  • Abusing tickets to argue a punishment ingame is not allowed. You may make 1 ticket and ask for the reasoning, after that you should go to the appeal thread on the forum.

Do not scam people

scam All scamming is illegal on the server. If you get scammed provide proof and post it on the forums under report a player.

Do not hack, glitch or abuse bugs


  • Do not use hacked clients or abuse mechanics such as bugs/glitches to your advantage.
  • Report any bugs/glitches on the bug report forum.
  • Bug Reports
  • Report any suspicious behaviour on the report a player forum.
  • Report a player
  • Don’t afk grind.
  • Never use out of game mechanics to gain ingame advantages.

Do not advertise

do-not-adve You may not advertise any other competing server on MassiveCraft. This includes on the server, teamspeak and the forums. Posting links ingame for your own benefit is not allowed. Staff are allowed to post important links through broadcasts.

Do not abuse ingame chats

hashtags-bad The chats have different purposes, make sure to pick the right channel for your purpose and not to abuse the chats.

  • The staff will not be actively moderating General and Premium chat but that does not mean that you can break the rules.
  • Minor chat abuses such as usage of hashtags are no longer moderated against in General and Premium chat.
  • General and Premium will now only be moderated for offensive content, described as racist, discriminatory, sexist, vulgar, spam, or otherwise unwanted language.
  • General and Premium will not be moderated for English only usage; any language can be used, though it is recommended to use English to make yourself understood.
  • Any other chat channel, such as Local, Help, Trade, Recruitment, will still be moderated like before, even for the usage of minor chat abuses such as hashtags or the usage of non English language.
  • Usage of offensive content  will receive higher punishments. Instead of regular small mutes or jails, we will start banning people for using offensive language and content in public chat channels.
  • Helpchat is for questions and answers and not random conversations.
  • Do not give out false answers in helpchat.
  • Be respectful of other players and staff.
  • Recruitment chat is for recruitment messages and people who are looking for factions.
  • We will not accept any racist or sexist comments or remarks.
  • Lotteries and money games are not allowed.
  • Don’t bid in auctions if you do not intend to uphold the bid.
  • Always try to be nice and talk to people in a friendly way.
  • Do not Flame/Taunt in public chats against others regardless of the topic.

Do not grief

greifing-is-bad Griefing for the intent of griefing is not allowed. A staff member always has the final call whether or not a grief is a grief. You may:

  • Break up to 4 blocks to gain entry to each facility.
  • Kill someones animals.
  • Harvest crops.
  • Steal valuable items such as: Emeralds, Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Redstone or Bookshelves. We expect you to be reasonable.

You may NOT:

  • Rip up an entire floor or rip out a wall that is very obvious, even if it is made of valuables without replacing it with something.
  • Pour lava or water over someones creations.
  • Spawn a wither. These destroy blocks and spawning one will result in punishment.
  • Make nerd-poles or slim towers to get over walls for raids without removing them after the raid is done.
  • Make inappropriate structures in the worlds.

Do not abuse the plugins or game mechanics.


  • You may not abuse Minecraft mechanics to break changes implemented by MassiveCraft. An example of this rule is lining a floor with hoppers to collect weapons that have been disarmed; Which are only meant to be collected by the person that was disarmed in the process.
  • Attempting to loophole around plugins and features implemented by staff is not allowed.
  • You may NOT claim over locked LWC’s.
  • You may NOT claim too close to a disbanding faction to have a head start on other looters.
  • Changing your factions name to be insulting or offensive is not allowed.
  • A faction inviting people just to kill them to get their items is considered a thug faction and an admin may disband the faction without compensation.
  • Portal traps intended to trap and kill people are NOT allowed.

Claim 10 chunks from others

16-chunk There is a 10 chunk rule on the server, this means you must settle at least 10 chunks (160 blocks) from another faction and the spawns. You may also not claim an area that is actively used by anyone, use /seen to check if the players are still active. Use /f map to check if there are other factions around you.

Regalia house rules

  • You may not own any chest shops inside the houses. This includes chest shops inside a tavern.
  • You may not alter the exterior more than 5 blocks. An admin can without warning, revert your exterior modification if it is too obvious or disruptive. You may change the material of the upper floors of the house however, see further below for accepted materials.
  • You may alter the interior of your house in whatever way you please, but we request you keep the usage of flowing water, lava and signs to a minimum.
  • You may not dig into the floor.
  • You may not remove a rental sign without alerting a staff member in a reasonable amount of time, if you do not alert staff immediately your house will be evicted without a refund.
  • You may not put any signs on the outside, other than a sign saying which role-play character lives there.
  • You may own a maximum of three houses per player. One house per alternate account and one house per main (if you have alternate accounts.)

Please respect the rules of the houses. Refusal to adhere to the rules will result in a non revocable eviction without refund.  Accepted materials for the top floor walls:

  • Clay
  • Any colour of hardened clay based off earthly tones, like white, brown, orange and red.
  • Wood
  • Red Brick
  • Sandstone
  • StoneBrick
  • Stone

Regalia shop rules

  • You may not own more than 1 shop per player, that includes alts.
  • You may not remove a rental sign without alerting a staff member in a reasonable amount of time, if you do not alert staff immediately your house will be evicted without a refund.
  • You may not abuse chestshops to display unrealistic buy and sell numbers etc.
  • You may not put portals in your shop!

Please respect the rules of the Shops. Refusal to adhere to the rules will result in a non revocable eviction without refund.

Rules Questions & Answers

To clarify some of the rules, we decided to write some Q&A’s to expand information on certain rules and situations.

1. Help! an enemy faction killed all my animals! they griefed! This is legal, killing the wildlife of your enemy is not considered griefing. 2. X player is breaking X rule! Why don’t the admins do something about it! Because we as admins can only see what is being reported. Don’t expect us to magically know what is going on. We have to manage hundreds of players every day with just a couple of staff members. 3. My ticket was put in 2 hours ago, why am I still not being helped! Sometimes tickets stack, meaning there are over 30 open tickets and only 2 staff members online at a time. Sometimes it simply takes time before your ticket may be processed. In any case, your ticket will automatically close if you log off and you will have to make a new one when you log back on if you still need assistance 4. I need something I made moved to another world / I want something copied Admins will never use WorldEdit for your advantage. Sometimes Admins may choose to use WorldEdit or creative to help create roleplay facilities, or enhance the roleplay of a certain situation, or clean up huge griefs in the wilderness but they will never lend their tools so you can boost your builds on the server. 5. My faction has been around for X amount of months and is really historical! Can I have it permanent? Strictly speaking the answer is no. We make exceptions on the following criteria.

  • The faction has no chests or resources inside it (if there are, they will be removed). The faction owners agree to release all rights to the faction in favor of the server admins, they may do with the faction as they please. The faction must also be empty, player wise.
  • Using the permanent area to your advantage, either to loot, harvest or otherwise maintain operation will activate the guillotine line, causing the admins to remove the faction from effective existence.
  • Any factions made permanent in the past no longer apply. If you want your faction back, you should contact an admin before they decide to do something with the faction.

6. We are a heavy role play faction who do not like being raided, can we have peaceful? No. We never hand out faction flags to player factions, on the grounds that it’s unfair to others on the server, besides the fact we also encourage raiding and pvp, as well as the fact that this function has been abused in the past. 7. Player X scammed me with a shop sign which was purposefully sabotaged to not state what it was actually selling for how much. Report this player, this offense is bannable. 8. I had an agreement with player X and he did not come back on his word, he scammed me! Admin help! Admins will only agree to help in certain situations, for certain scams. Faction related scams are allowed in some situations, here below you can find several situations in which different situations are highlighted.

  • You hand over faction leadership to someone without having them sign a contract supervised by an admin, if he then refuses to give back ownership, he is within rights to do so.
  • You sold a faction for 3000 silver, or bought one for that amount. Scamming faction transfers is illegal. It is true we do not support faction trade because we feel a faction should die if it’s owner doesn’t want it anymore, but we will act if a faction is used for scamming.
  • A faction repeatedly taking in members, and then forcing them out while taking all their items is considered a “thug” faction. An admin may disband it without compensation.