The Grid is a special creativemode world here on MassiveCraft. You can see it on the online map. The Grid is mainly used for building TerrainControl BO2s.

Section Allocations

  • Diamond 0: Meta information such as tutorials and rules.
  • Diamond 1, 2 and 3: Ellador – BO2s for that upcoming world.
  • Diamond 4: “Free for all” – You may build whatever you feel like here.
  • Diamond 5: Dark Realms – BO2s for that upcoming world.
  • Diamond 6: Faradeen – BO2s for upcoming desert-world.
  • Diamond 7: Regalia – House designs, road plans etc.


There are two kinds of roads called “diamond roads” and “gold roads“. Each road have a number between 0 and 99. The diamond road with number 7 is called “diamond 7″.

A “crossing” (road crossing) is identified by the road numbers. You say the diamond numbers first. So the crossing where diamond 5 crosses gold 3 is called “crossing 5 3″.

The rectangular grass areas where you are supposed to build stuff are called “sections“.

A section is identified by the crossing in the low right corner. So the section with crossing 5 3 in the low left corner is called “section 5 3″.

Section Setup

We are using WorldGuard to control build rights in the grid. One big region called “world” covers the whole grid. We manually create regions for each section as we go along. The section regions are named using zero-padding so section 1 5 is called “0105″.

To create a section region:

  1. Go to the section.
  2. Type /region info to see if the section region already is setup.
  3. Place minpoint and maxpoint as per images below.
  4. Use the command to claim the region: /region claim <Region name> [players]
  5. Remove your self as owner: /region removeowner <Region name> [your name]